In order to gain accreditation as an Autodesk MapGuide Reseller, and also for interest, Business Geographics Limited developed a web site to cover the UK General Election of 1997.

1997 UK General Election web site

This election was one of the more interesting elections of recent years as the incumbent Conservative party and government of John Major was swept away by a resurgent Labour party led by Tony Blair.

Fortunately, all of the code and data that went into making this ground-breaking site has been archived so the site - as it was way back in 1997, at what seemed like the very beginning of life online on the World Wide Web - can still be seen today.

The 1997 UK General Election site spawned the 2000 London Election and 2001 UK General Election sites. It is probably also fair to say that the innovations on this original site - colour coded maps, explorable constituencies and so on - have had a lasting impact on online electoral coverage in the UK and elsewhere around the world.