Working with the Association for Geographic Information and the London Evening Standard newspaper Business Geographics produced another award-winning web site to cover the initial mayoral election for London in 2000.

2000 London Election web site

Whilst the election was not the most fascinating political event of the era - returning Ken Livingstone as mayor, more or less a foregone conclusion as soon as the Labour party failed to select him as their official candidate - the site pioneered yet more geographic firsts:

  • Detailed aerial photography was shown on the web for the first time
  • A tile-based and fully browser safe mapping system was developed
  • Over 6GB of geographic data was made available at multiple scales

Sadly the project was not fully archived. However, the project run through (Word document 1.8MB), code and database that went into the geographic search functionality can still be seen, even if the processed map and airphoto data cannot.