Allegran Limited was co-founded by Adrian Tear, Antony Sellen and Ryley Best with investment from Christopher Roper.

The company was active in three main areas with some experimentation along the way:

  • Lottery
    LoopyLotto was Allegran's first consumer site, offering users the chance to 'Win £1M for FREE'. The site offered free registration and made money by selling clicks on advertising banners and, later, through the use of solus email campaigns. The site is now separately owned.
  • and Online Dating
    LoopyLove was initially driven from the LoopyLotto email list and went on to become one of the leading UK online dating sites. The success of Allegran's online dating operations became the mainstay of the company.
  • QPHomes Property Listings
    Taking LoopyLove as a programmatic basis the site was re-written to sell property instead of people - the similarities in eventual database structure were remarkable. The concentration on online dating meant QPHomes never grew big but its spirit lives on!

LoopyLotto was successful but the dating business grew phenomenally quickly reaching a turnover of around £14 million per annum and serving ca. 25% of the UK dating market. Allegran Limited was sold in March 2006 to Daily Mail General Trust. Adrian and his colleagues exited September 2007.