Allegran Limited was co-founded by Adrian Tear, Antony Sellen and Ryley Best with investment from Christopher Roper.

The company's first web site was a daily 'Win £1M' lottery, which still operates today (now under different ownership).

Taking the LoopyLotto email list as the initial marketing source a new, free, online dating site was built for the UK market -

Over the Summer of 2004 the code and database structure from was taken and changed into, a private property listings site.

QPHomes web site

QPHomes offered a different approach to buying and selling property over the Internet, one where estate agents were not required and no commission was payable on the sale.

House sellers simply paid a weekly or monthly figure to list their property on the site and to receive communications from interested potential buyers.

Whilst did attract both buyers and sellers the phenomenal growth of the dating business meant that the site did not receive the focus it deserved.

Having cornered ca.25% of the UK dating market Allegran Limited was sold in March 2006 to Daily Mail General Trust. Adrian and his colleagues exited September 2007.