Following their exit from Business Geographics Limited in 2000 Adrian Tear and Antony Sellen went on to found FirstVirtual Group plc.

FirstVirtual Group web site

FirstVirtual Group aimed to be a 'technical incubator' taking shareholding in exchange for development work; sweat for equity.

The 'dot com crash' of March to October 2000 didn't exactly help things along but two projects did get off the ground:

Faced with the partial collapse in demand for online development, and difficulty in fund-raising, Tear and Sellen abandoned the concept of web development for third parties' and set about developing profitable consumer web sites for themselves.

The new business, Allegran Limited - founded in 2002, went on to develop lottery, dating and property web sites. It was sold to the Daily Mail General Trust three years later in an eight figure deal.