Part owned by FirstVirtual Group plc, ExactMedia Limited started to develop its proposition in 2000.

The business was designed around a networked model through which cookies would be set on third parties' web sites offering consumers points collection as they shopped, browsed or performed worthwhile web activity.

A prize collection web site, GoldenCarrots, was developed backed up by a sophisticated back-end to collate visits on network sites and offer consumers the chance to win more prizes by fulfilling questionnaires served dynamically to collect user opinions.

Golden Carrots web site

Looking back ExactMedia was quite visionary, using ideas that did work successfully for larger outfits such as DoubleClick, Miva and SurveyMonkey.

However, the business never really got off the ground properly leading Adrian Tear and Antony Sellen to co-found Allegran Limited in 2002 which went on to develop lottery, dating and property web sites. It was sold to the Daily Mail General Trust three years later in an eight figure deal.