Lead Hat was a full service Internet agency providing everything from server hosting through to brand management, system design and implementation.

20% owned by FirstVirtual Group plc the company started offering web development services in 2000, just a few months before the 'dot com crash' of March to October that year partially wiped out demand for its services.

Lead Hat web site

Lead Hat did pick up some clients and had notable success with:

  • 2001 UK General Election
    A web site developed in partnership with the Daily Telegraph newspaper to cover the UK General Election of that year.
  • Wild Bunch
    A web site and content management system for the Wild Bunch film distribution company. Still working today!

In 2002, having had a lean time in the web development services business, Adrian Tear and Tony Sellen abandoned this sector in favour of developing consumer web sites of their own.

The new business, Allegran Limited - founded in 2002, went on to develop lottery, dating and property web sites. It was sold to the Daily Mail General Trust three years later in an eight figure deal.